more about cats

just saw this,

 Germany ordered cat owners yesterday to keep their animals indoors to prevent the spread of bird flu among cats. This was broadcasted after the announcement that a dead cat was found on the Baltic island of Rügen.   This  cat was infected with a dangerous strain of bird flu, health officials have confirmed.

 The dead cat is the first reported case of a mammal being infected with H5N1 in northern Europe. It has provoked panic in Germany where, as in most European countries, people have close relationships with their cats.

The largest reservoir for the virus is certainly in birds. But researchers have found signs of H5N1 in other animals.

Build you immune system with enzymes.  They really work.  And by the way there are enzymes for animals as well.  I used to give my dog Reggie, a standard poodle enzymes all the time. great for their coat, skin and wellness. 


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