Cats and asthma- not a great combination :(

Although I love animals,( being a vegan half my life,) I would discourage asthmatics from having a cat.  Most asthmatics, (especially those that use medication daily,) are highly allergic to cats and some dogs as well.  Although standard poodles and a few other breeds bijon dog frise are hypoallergenic.  But most other dogs with fur are very allergenic. 

BioSET can desensitize cats and dogs for some individuals.  But it is not easy and may need a few clearings.  it is better to wait on acquiring cats or substitute a cat for a hypoallergenic dog. 

Other items asthmatics are allergic:

mold  and foods that are moldy and are mold producing .  such as cantaloupe, grains, dairy, vinegar, sugar and alcohol


water – city water

cockaroach drippings.  very highly allergic




foods such as sugar, dairy , wheat, artifical coloring and artificial sugars, corn, eggs, chocolate, yeast, red wine and white wine, sulfites, salicylates.

I recommend a lung enzyme formula and lung drainage homeopathic for asthmatics.  it is safe to take with all medication.  Watch for aspirin- can trigger asthma.   


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