What is it to be healthy?

Everyday I hear people discuss their dis-ease.  Common symptoms consistently arise when I hear them inititally discuss their own conditiion.  The first symptom is fatigue.   And then I  chronicle and explain other symptoms.  Other common symptoms are bloating, gas, irritable bowel and skin eczema and of course weight !!!  

This is how it all begins and I just sit and listen.  The most important element of a good doctor patient relationship is to listen to the patient.  I don’t interrupt until they are finished talking.  This may take 2 minutes or 20 minutes.  I don’t interrup and I don’t speak until they are completely finished talking about themselves.  Afterward they feel much better and more refreshed and able to begin the healing.  When I teach my interns, they hear me say this to them- listening is the key to a good solid relationship between doctor and patient.   Of course,  this can’t hurt in all relationships.  right?  I am completely there with them, no interruptions, no phone calls or knocks on the door.   And after they are completely done, I begin to talk about what I do and explain to them that BioSET does not treat the disease or the lab sheet, we treat the person.  And every person even if they were diagnosed with collitis is treated as an individual based on the evaluation and what they need to heal. 

But healing is about the realization of consciousness and supreme wisdom.  When you are able to walk in this light, this manner,  free of yourself and your problems, free of the concerns and contraction, then you are healed or healing.  We can never find happiness when we are bouncing back and forth with all these emotions.  it is when you are grounded in unconditional love and light that teaches true happiness.     


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