grains – can cause digestive upset

I was at a dinner party the other night and one of the guests came up to me and shared his story.  He said I might not have known this but I helped him with a chronic digestive problem.  He said he has had this bloating, and indigestion for awhile now and has asked his doctor a number of times for guidance.  Other than a new medicine, which did nothing, he had no other suggestion.  At my first book signing in Marin County, I mentioned the difficult breaking down grains, especially wheat, oats, rye etc.  I suggested reducine or eliminating these grains for a time and then introducing them slowly over time, but continuing to only eat them occasionally.  They are not a healthy food.  They can set off many inflammatory reactions, including digestive problems, pain, swelling and fatigue.  So he experimented with the elimination of his cereal in the mornings.  Well a miracle happened- no more digestive problems.  He was so pleased and looked forward to sharing this with me. 

So if you are experiencing joint pain, weight issues, digestive problems and fatigue, try eliminating those grains.  You may be surprised how much better you feel.


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