Grateful for what we have

Today was a day of remembering to be grateful, to be thankful and knowing we are blessed. It started with an early morning radio show in which for the first time in all my radio shows for PRof MicroMiracles released a couple of months ago- that the host asked me why I dedicated my book to the truth. 

True health is the recognition and alignment with the truth, pure consciouness and unconditional love.  This is the true healing principle.  And eating well, with organic food and using enzymes for digestion can help your body with homeostasis.  When you are more balanced, you can realize and understand  this truth.  Balance brings consciousness and consciousness brings non attachment to the physical emotional ups and downs of our daily existance.  In every moment, there is conscious being.  All we need to do is surrender to it.    Surrender, let go, smile and feel love as often as you can every day.  A healthy lifestyle can support this highte truth.   

Later on today, I met a woman who was close to my age, and mentioned she lost her husband to brain cancer within three months time.  She said her heart hurt very much.  But she was grateful for what they had together and for their daughter who will always be her memory of her husband. 

This brings everything into perspective. 

My signature:

1.  Eat one raw meal a day

2.  Eat more organic food every day

3.  Take you digestive enzyme to guarantee digestion and absorption of your nutrients

4.  Give three hugs each day

5.  Tell someone you love them every day

6.  Be grateful for what you have.  Feel how you are blessed. 



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