It’s not only what you eat, but what you digest

People every day ask me, how do I know I am enzyme deficient.  What are the signs.  Tell me. Well here it is for everyone to hear.

Experience digestive problems, such as bloating, gas, heartburn, reflux, diarrhea or constipation

Fatigue, never can get enough sleep

always susceptible to virus and flu and colds etc.  Can’t seem to fight them.

Crave food. and the food you crave is the one you are most intolerant. 

Notice your hair is limp, you skin is not radiant and hydrated, and nails break easily  and you appear older than you are.

Can’t repair tissue injuries, such as a cut, sprain, strain

Loss of sexual libido and sexual performance.

Mood swings, depression and lack of motivation in life. 

Weight gain and can’t keep the weight off, up an down. 

People do not know they are enzyme deficiency.  But it is ubiquitous .  Enzymes are on the rise, and they will not doubt hit the health industry with a bang any day.  They are micromiracles. 



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