What to look for in a good enzyme

People ask me every day – how do I know if I am getting a good quality enzyme. 

When reading the labels on enzyme products, the first thing to check is whether the enzymes come from animal or nonanimal sources.  Animal enzymes have limitations. 

Vegetarian enzymes are superior for digestion.  As they pass by feedback receptors farther along inthe digestive tract, the receptors signal the rest of the body that it doesn’t need to produce as many digestive enzymes because some of the food is already broken down.  This way, the body doesn’t expend as much energy on the digestive process. 

Manufactureres cultivate enzymes in a carefully controlled environmente that’s free of pesticides and other contaminants, while animla enzymes come from pigs that have been raised on genetically and chemically altered feed and treated with steroids and antibiotics.  Also, because vegetarian enzymes can be more concentrated than animal enzymes, a single capsule can have more enzymatic activity. 

Incidently, when you’re shopping for enzyme supplements, check to be sure that not only the enzymes but also the capsules are vegetarian. 

Vegetarian enzymes are the only ones that i have ever used and the results speak for themselves.  It is tremendous for digestion and delivery of nutrients to cells as well as repair, rejuvenation and enhanced vitality and sexual libido.


2 thoughts on “What to look for in a good enzyme

  1. My son has had severe constipation since he was a baby. He is now 11. We have seen dozens of peditricians, 2 Ped GI’s and 7 allergist they all say that food allergies can not cause constipation. I finally demanded he be tested last fall and he is allergic to 36 foods. Wheat, barley, rye, corn, rice (which means no breads or pasta) banana’s, apples, peaches, pears, black pepper, garlic, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, sesame, all tree nuts, peanuts, lobster………….

    I read about you stating you had constipation with your food allergies. they have put him through so many test and full thickness biopsy on rectum for hirschprungs disease all because they don’t feel its the food allergies. now they want to put in a feeding tube.

    we are in central texas. Any recommendations on a doctor in our state or enzymes that may help him??

    we are becoming desperate any advice you can give would greatly be appreciated.

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