Breakthrough in healing

I am teaching a seminar this weekend in Mill Valley California.  And each participant introduced themselves and explained why they were there.  Two of the participants had serious, life threatening conditions that were giving very poor prognosis.  Both of them have begun treatments with BioSET practitioners in other states.  Their results were tremendous.  Almost complete cures.  Then they decided to do BioSET in their practices so here they were at a beginner seminar.  And they are very ready to practice.  Other participants read my books, especially MicroMiracles, Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes and were very interested in recommending enzymes for themselves, their families and patients.  I was so pleased with how much they knew about enzymes and how enthusiastic they wre about the formulas described in the book.  Especially skin and hair, energy, colon health (probitic) male and female and mood swings.  These formulas are linked through website.



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