Feeling Tired and Stupid

I have seen so many patients over the years who report symptoms such as tired and stupid.  or “foggy brain, fuzzy head, brain fog, and spaced out”. Alll age groups are affected, and both genders.  Food allergies are clearly the culprit in many of these people.  Usually the food you most crave is the food you are most allergic.  So if you crave chocolate, you are probably very allergic.  And did you know that a chocolate allergy can cause achy joints and the person is unable to hold chiropractic adjustments. And asthmatics do worse with chocolate.  Allergies associated with feeling tired and stupid is wheat, sugar, and sometimes sugary vegetables.  But I have seen it in chicken and beef as well.  Clearing these allergies with an enzyme or a BioSET clearing or both can make a difference for the feeling of being dumb and exhausted. 



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