McDonalds hides dietary information to the public

What McDonald’s has done is very disturbing.  I like the way they say McDonald’s does not have to comply but is doing so voluntarily.  I need to mention that true,  one of the allergens in wheat is gluten, and yes this can cause severe allergic reaction  in those with celiac’s disease(autoimmune ), truthfully the more severe allergies that I see in my clinic almost daily is the allergy to the sugar or maltose in the wheat.  Wheat is highly allergic causing symptoms such as fatigue, asthma, rashes, ADD symptoms, as well as all the myriad of digestive distress such as heartburn, bloating and irritable bowel. 
And dairy is very allergic, very common and for autistic children and ADHD, can create severe setbacks,  And just a little bit of dairy  can cause asthma, severe digestive symptoms, and anaphylactic reaction in individuals especially common in children.  It can also produce many digestive problems, acne, rashes,  sinus problems and headaches.  People are so careful with their diet and mothers count on public places to comply with certain standards and regulations.  This is inexcusable and they should be held liable for this mistake. 


McDonald’s had said until recently that its fries were free of gluten and milk or wheat allergens and safe to eat for those with dietary issues related to the consumption of dairy items. But the fast-food company quietly added “Contains wheat and milk ingredients” this month to the french fries listing on its Web site.
The company said the move came in response to new rules by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the packaged foods industry, including one requiring that the presence of common allergens such as milk, eggs, wheat, fish or peanuts be reported. As a restaurant operator, Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s does not have to comply but is doing so voluntarily.

McDonald’s director of global nutrition, Cathy Kapica, said its potato suppliers remove all wheat and dairy proteins, such as gluten, which can cause allergic reactions. But the flavoring agent in the cooking oil is a derivative of wheat and dairy ingredients, and the company decided to note their presence because of the FDA’s stipulation that potential allergens be disclosed.
“We knew there were always wheat and dairy derivatives in there, but they were not the protein component,” she said. “Technically there are no allergens in there. What this is an example of is science evolving” and McDonald’s responding as more is learned, she said.

article written by associative press/


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