Headaches and Wine- can you ever drink it without the headache?

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hear from someone describing either their craving for wine, or their symptoms after drinking wine- and headaches seem to be the most common, especially red wine.  In fact -how much wine is drunk on Valentines Day- and how many headaches.  . The red wine headache is treatable.  yes yes you can have the wine and enjoy it fully, without the side effects. 

First though, why the headache?  I found most people are allergic to wine – the allergy can be The Sulfites

Sulfites are possibly the culprit.   Sulphites are compounds that contain sulfur and a less-small number of oxygen atoms. Consequently, they hook onto oxygen before it can react with food and spoil it. In wine, sulfites also control bacteria that might otherwise digest the alcohol content, and therefor make vinegar out of that expensive wine.  Why happens when you let wine sit opened- tastes a bit like vinegar. Wine makers often add sulfites more as a preservative. Organic wine does not have sulfites and those who drink these wine usually notice less side effects like headaches. 

people are sensitive to sulfites.And  the FDA, therefore, prohibits the use of sulfites on fruit and vegetables intended to be eaten raw, so salad bars and your supermarket’s produce section should be sulfite-free. Depending on their concentration levels and other factors, the sulfite compounds must be included in a food’s list of ingredients. Most wines are do state the sulfites  warning.

Histamine as anther culprit for red wine.  White wine is made using only the grape’s juice,. Red wines use the entire crushed fruit, including the skins, which contain  histamine. As a result, red wine contains 20–200 times more histamine than white wine. Histamine is an immune mediator and can cause allergic symptoms such as headaches, or rashes or asthma.

The Tannins as another allergy trigger.

Tannins, another constituent of grape skins, give red wine its distinctive pleasant but slightly bitter flavor. They are also flavonoids and this may be why some consider wine so healthy.  Flavonoids are good antioxidants. But  tannins may cause headaches. Several carefully controlled lab experiments have shown that they provoke blood platelets into releasing serotonin, and high serotonin levels can cause headaches.

Finally, for some people, the headache may just be the result of the alcohol. Alcohol, in any drink, is a well-known trigger of migraine, and some of the headaches set off by wine are migraines.

What You Can Dol- Exciting news.

Digestive Enzyme is the micromiracles.  Take 2-4 digestive enzyme with each glass of wine, and you may well be headache free- and you can drink the wine without dreading the after effects. 


By the way If tannins are the culprit, try a wine with a lower tannin level—Beaujolais instead of Cabernet Sauvignon, for example. Mature wines might be better than young, heavily alcoholic ones. 


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