Why do men dread sex after 50

Sexual dysfunction is so prevalent among older men that even many doctors consider it an inevitable consequence of aging.  .  Among men, the most common sexual effects  of again are  disminished desire, and slower arousal, or arousal at all.  It takes more stimulation over a long period of time to produce an erection, which tends to not last as long as before.  And it may also take moe time to reach orgasm, with more occasions wehn orgasm doesn’t occur.  Erectile dysfunction or impotence affects approximately half of all men over the age of 50.  with the prevalence increasing as men get older. 

A study was done that state sexual dysfunction is strongly associated with poor health. I have heard that toxicity is also associated with sexual dysfunction.  I have treated sexual dysfunction successfully with herbs, enzymes, detoxification and exercise.  Sexuality can be enjoyed at a ripe old age. –  yes and the dread can be transformed into dream and delight. 


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