Teflon found in Newborns

An article that was passed on to me today from the Organic Consumers Association is titled  “Study Finds Teflon Chemical in Newborns’ Umbilical Cords.” 

A chemical that is used n manufacturing Teflon has been found in the bloodstream of Americans, but now a study has shown that it is present in newborns.  This chemical is carcinogenic.  This was researched at John Hopkins Medical Center.  The chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid, known as PFOA was found in umbilical cords.  They also concluded that this chemical is toxic and carcinogenic.  PFOA is manufactured by DuPont, which recently responded to the FDA with an elimination of new emissions from its plants by 2010.  Why does it need to take that long, that was my question.  The studies so far have shown this chemical to cause developmental and adverse effects in laboratory animals.  This chemical, PFOA is used to line grease-resistant packaging for candy, pizza, microwave popcorn nd hundreds of other foods.  DuPont seems to have hid studies showing the high heatlh risks of the chemical.  PFOA induces benign tumors in male rats, DuPont however denies that this chemical poses a risk.  The EPA report found that PCOA is persistant in the environment.  It has been detected in low levels in wildlife and humans, and animal studies conducted have indicated effects of concern.  Other companies being asked to reduce PFOA emissions are 3M/Duneon, Arkema, Inc.  AGC Chemicals/Asahi Glass, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Clariant Corp, Dalkin and Solvay Solexis.  Last year, DuPont agreed to pay a record $10.25 million fine for hiding the studies that this chemical had been found in human blood and should be considered very toxic.  And DuPont also agreed to pay another $6.25 million for research to look into how this chemical is broken down in the environment, and failing to report the study that revealed this chemical is passed from pregnant women to fetuses.  

Raw food diet looks more inviting each day, and growing your own organic vegetables and fruits – well that is my goal. 


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