Headaches and Adolescents

 A study  was done on young children and the results indicated that Chronic daily headache is relatively widespread in adolescents.  I found this interesting because my daughter came home the other day and mentioned to me that “Mom, you should talk about headaches and how to treat them because so many kids at school have headaches daily.” 

Well here is my opportunity to talk about it and share my knowledge.  Most headaches that adolescents experience are either tension related headaches or for girls, hormone related (PMS)  headaches or most commonly food allergy headaches.  Now often times headaches are all three.  Toxic headaches from exposure to nail polish, hair chemicals, cosmetics are also common culprits. 

I treat heachess as I do other ailments.  Treat the person not the disease, that is my philosophy,l  so I will utilize my BioSET system with the individuals in terms of detoxification, enzyme therapy and allergy desensitization. ( yes these foods can be desensitized ) 

Some common food allergies are alcohol, especially red  wine and champagne, caffeine , salt, milk, corn, yogurt, cheese, nuts, especially cashews, soy products, such as soy sauce, tofu, tempeh, and tamari; wheat and spices. 

other foods:  nitrates (foods high in nitrates are sausage, bologna, salami, pepperoni, hot dogs, ham, pork, spam, organ meats, game meats, sardines, and herring, dried fruits with preservatives, such as benzoic acids; colorings, such as tartrazine, artificial sweetners, overripe fruits; apples: citrus, members of the nightshade family, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers; sourdough bread: doughnuts and yeast. 



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