Vegans- in good company

I have been a vegan for many years now and also a raw fooder.  I am so delighted to see that I am in good company.  Many well known althletes and entertainers as well as some together people are part of this family of healthy life styles.  I am definitely not righteous about meat eating – conscious eating is primary whether you eat cauliflower, carrots, or duck.  And not overeating- this is what promotes longevity. and youthful elderly folks.  Remember a digestive enzyme helps cut back on the amount of food intake- it is remarkable and it happens quickly. 

Try a vegen diet, or a raw food diet. It changes your personality.  more patient, more easy going, more sexual libido, and certainly helps lose weight and keep the weight off.  And there are some great recipe books available that offers yummy vegen or raw food delights. 

Raw food eyes are so clear, and aren’t the eyes the doorway to the brain and the soul.  Clear eyes, clear body and heightened conscious living.  I love my veggies and fruit. 



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