Insomnia and food allergies

It could be that what you are eating, or rather the foods you are sensitive is causing you problems with sleeping.  More than 50 percent of American adults exprience insomnia at least a few nights a week.  Sleep deprivation causes reliance on artificial stimulants to sustain them through the day.  Not everyone needs 8-9 hours of sleep.  Generally if you’re able to wake up on time without an alarm clock, you’re getting enough rest.  If even an alarm clock can’t rouse you, you probably aren’t sleeping as much as you should. I have found poor digestion, food allergies and impaired liver detoxification to be the cause of insomnia.    Over the years I have seen the following food sensitivities to be the underlying root of insomnia: corn, wheat, dairy, caffeinated products and sugars. 

Taking a digestive enzyme before meals and a new sleep-enhancing enzyme formula stabilizes sleep patterns and improves sleep quality.  Rid those food allergies and eat less food will help with better sleeping patterns.


One thought on “Insomnia and food allergies

  1. I know this is an old post but I wish this message would get out to insomnia sufferers!! I only endured about 7 months of insomnia a few years back, but it was 7 months of torture with no sleep except when I took a pill. I also have IBS .. the symptoms were really severe back then so I went on a elimination diet and noticed I was sleeping like a baby. When I slipped and ate sugar, preservatives, and most dairy (especially milk .. milk is evil!!) it would bring on a night of insomnia. And still to this day .. even a crumb of sugar or something my body can’t digest properly brings back the insomnia. I think it has gotten worse because in the past I accidentally would eat something with a tiny amount in it and be able to sleep. Now I have to be so careful .. a crumb can’t be lurking on a plate, I can’t kiss my boyfriend if he eats something I can’t, I can’t eat something unknowingly and then spit it out .. insomnia. It’s pretty pathetic but being careful sure beats not sleeping!

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