Chronic Pain- it is what you eat

How many millions of people every day suffere chronic pain?  The amount of advil, aspirin, tylenol etc that are used on a daily basis is staggering.  For many people chronic pain has to do with inflammation as a result of what they are eating.  I have an experiment for you.  If you are suffering chronic pain- try eliminating sugar, grains alcohol,and dairy products in your diet.  ( no refined sugar at all).  I am certain many of you will notice  substantially diminished pain and inflammation.  These foods for many reasons provoke inflammation, and autoagressive reactions causing increased pain and disability.  Try a low carbohydrate diet, less food, and completely eliminate sugar in every way shape or form.  You will be able to live on less anagesics.  Try a digestive enzyme before meals.  it reduces your craving for these foods.  You may also try a raw diet.  This can also detoxify and reduce the pain as well.  And use protease one-three a day in between meals.  the best anti-inflammatory enzyme. 


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