Soy and its value?

I couldn’t help but mention the latest news about soy.  It seems as though soy is not the wonder food that we have all heard over the last decade at least.  It does not seem to lower the bad cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, or prevent osteoporosis or even some protect against certain cancers .  How is it that we hear of something like soy or female hormones or antiinflammatories  and begin using it or eating it  and often in excess and then there is evidence announced that all of this is may be some  fabrication.  how does this all begin?  And what can we believe anymore.?  I believe what I had seein in my clinic, with my own eyes and ears  over 25 years what works.    And my books are a complete accounting of this clinical based  evidence.  I know enzymes reduce craving.  i know people are allergic to many foods.  And I know enzymes work and work in almost everyone. And I know good eating breeds good humans. 

 How can we know what is true or false.  One author that says it very well is Dr.David Hawkins, and his books, Power Verse Force and his new book, Truth Verse Falsehool.  Muscle testing is a perfect tool for learning the truth or falsity of an object, idea, or person.  I have been doing muscle testing for many years and my accuracy is often impeccable.  It is the universe speaking, so the accuracy is a definite.  I must now test soy and see what I find.  I am sure there are other redeeming features that is being overlooked in this article.  Time will tell.  So what do you do?  Eat tofu moderately, and eat it because it tastes good rather than it only being nutritious



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