tidbits on health

Those vegetarians are in good health. 

New article came out today saying that plant foods has been linked to better blood pressure. It is said that people who eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit tend to have normal blood pressure than those people who eat meat.  It is recommended that for cardiovascular health, eating more of a vegetarian diet is important.  This study was actually independent of exercise, weight and even the amount of salt in the diet.  This international study was done over a period of 6 weeks,   and included almost 5,000 adults ages 40-59.  It is not really understood why plant food does lower the blood pressure, but perhaps the intake of fiber and more magnesium could be part of it. 

Fish Oil and Asthma

Fish oil supplements can prevent restriction of the bronchials in asthmatics. A study was done in Indiana Unversity had found that fish oil supplements do improve lung function.  It was also found to be a powerful anti inflammatory supplement.  The study had the subjects use up to 20 capsules of fish oil per day.  A study in the future would be recommending a lower does. 

Try using an enzyme with the fish oil, one that digests fat, it will help utilize the fatty acids by helping break down the fat.  You wil also see great results in the skin and hair, and this is good for cardivascular health as well. 




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