health conscious

I am looking for other blogs related to natural health.  if you know of any, please email me  I would like to link to these and make recommendations, comments and share thoughts. 

I work with restoring health naturally,  with diet, and enzymes and balanced life style.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t throw up my arms in disbelief with how many chronic disorders are mishandled  and made worse by conventional medicine.  Isn’t this the alternative treatment.?  Whey do they call the natural approach alternative?.  I am in awe and it saddens me.  I was thinking today that if I had gone into the strickly conventional medicine modalities, I may not be here today writing this blog.  I would be on medications and who knows how sick I really would be.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was young and had so many food allergies.  i couldn’t really eat anything without feeling sick.  I was hopeless.  Natural medicine saved my life, enzymes in specific.  That is why I am such a proponent of enzymes for everyone.  It changed me around.  i never suffer digestive problems again.  And I live very naturally, organic raw food.  I exercise every day and meditate every day as well.  My life is about teliing the world —

START WITH NATURAL HEALTH CARE FIRST.  Diagnosis is good, and learning about your situation is key.  But why not try the most natural, and simple either first or also. 

Good new years resolution, right?



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