Relief from jet Lag

I just heard from a friend of mine who traveled overseas and raved about how his enzymes I recommended prevented any jet lag.  He religiously took the protease enzyme and another formula called rest from the BioSET enzyme line.  There will be another enzyme for sleep  that matches the prescriptive formula mentioned in MicroMiracles.  He was so thrilled about how good he felt and how well he has adapted to the time change. 

I recommend taking protease ( up to about 6 when going cross country (5-6 hour trip) and up to 12 capsules when going overseas , 8-11 hour trip.  Then take the rest formula,  2 before taking off and 2 midway and 2 when arriving.  It is very helpful and has never failed.  Tell your friends and visit my website for recommended formulas that Dr.Cutler approves of  for her patients, family, friends and herself. 


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