food labeling- finally regulation

 The FDA is requiring food labels to clearly state if food products contain any ingredients that are derived from protein from the eight major allergenic foods.  People and children everyday suffer allergic symptoms from foods that contain these proteins.  The new labeling will become effective Jan. 1, 2006.  Manufacturers of food products  are now required to identify very clearly the presence of ingredients that contain the following proteins which are the most highly allergic foods.  These foods can cause moederate to serious health conditions.   

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Crustacean shellfish (like shrimp, lobster, crab)
  • Tree nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans

Children and Food Allergies

This labeling can  be especially helpful to children.  They can definitlely  learn to recognize the presence of substances they must avoid.   For example, if a product contains the milk protein casein, the product’s label will have to use the term “milk” in addition to the term “casein” so that those with milk allergies can clearly understand the presence of the allergen they need to avoid.  Gluten, or gliadin is the protein in wheat, oats, barley, rye and even some rice  that hopefully will be included. 

It is estimated that 2% of adults and about 5% of infants and young children in the U.S. suffer from severe food allergies, the FDA says and 90 million people suffer food sensitivities, which may not elicit  immediate life threatening symptoms, but do present delayed or hidden reactions. This has been my study for almost 30 years. You probably have some food allergies and are not even aware of it.  About 30,000 consumers require emergency room treatment and 150 Americans die each year because of allergic reactions to food, states the FDA release. and the rest suffer many chonic symptoms that cause a lifelong disability on many levels and to different degrees.  Many people are taking prescription medications for conditions that are actually the result of food sensitivities.  I have written and spoke about this. 

The  food manufacturers or retailers are not required to relabel or  remove from grocery or supermarket shelves  any products that do not reflect the additional allergen labeling — as long as the products were labeled before the effective date.  This is what the FDA said.  I have hoped for this labeling for many years, as I see many patients suffer unnecessarily.  This is a breakthrough.  

But more and more people need to see that they actually do have allergies to these foods.   

Ok so what are the symptoms associated with these foods that are less obvious and


  • Milk   can cause varying digestive problems, but the casein can be responsible for focusing problems, acne and asthma
  • Eggs  can cause headaches, eczema, and asthma
  • Fish    can cause eczema, and asthma
  • Crustacean shellfish (like shrimp, lobster, crab):  eczema, asthma, and headaches. 
  • Tree nuts :  headaches, asthma, sinus problems, bloating and hives
  • Peanuts :  hives, eczema, asthma and headaches
  • Wheat :  fatigue, joint pain, headaches, asthma, eczema, bloating and constipation
  • Soybeans :  bloating, abdominal pain, asthma and eczema.

I would love to hear from you, if you suffer these problems.  You can also learn how to test yourself and your family.  The Food Allergy Cure. 


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