High Blood Pressure – few tips to remember

A friend of mine had his blood pressure taken yesterday and noticed his blood pressure had risen despite being on two blood pressure lowering drugs.  This concerned me.  Lifestyle, diet and salt intake are important factors to consider.  i asked him immediately about his salt intake.  He was not aware of the fact that many of his foods he ate during the day had lots of salt.  Such as nuts, packaged foods, restaurant foods and even wholesome meals he purchased at natural markets.  Although he was aware of eating organic, natural, free of food additives, he was still ingesting far too much sodium.  I encouraged him to watch his salt intake and see if this will impact his blood pressure.  I will keep you informed. 

More on what to do for high blood pressure – natokinase is the newest enzyme supplement, made from fermeneted boiled soy beans.  see more about natural ways to lower cholesterol in MicroMiracles, Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes. 


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