Think about detox after the holidays

It never fails, after the holidays which begins with Thanksgiving, colds and flu excalates for all age groups. Sugar may taste good when you are eating it, but it sure takes its toll on the immune system and considering most of the sugar products are empty calories, the poor nutrition over those 6 weeks takes its toll as well. It never fails, people get sick right after Christmas. Are there really more viruses around? or are people just more susceptible based on their imbalances.

I usually recommend doing a detoxification immediately after Christmas – there are some great nutrition powders I prescribe to my patients in combination with a liver detox enzyme formula. You can use the powder (mix it with water or a little juice) for breakfast and lunch with your detoxification enzyme formula and just eat dinner consisting of salad, vegetables, and a miminum of animal protein. Do this for two weeks and then repeat it again in the spring. In the spring you may want to try a few days of just fasting on the powder and some more detoxifying remedies I have more information available on detoxification in my book, The Food Allergy Cure and MicroMiracles and the following websites:


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