Look into that Lunch Box

Parents are constantly asking me for ideas about what my children should eat for lunch, or what can I put into their lunch box.  The lunch box can be the habit forming meal for good or bad lifetime nutrition preferences.   Start introducing  raw food items, like string beans, red peppers, carrots, jicama, cucumber,cauliflower, broccoli, olives, celery and tomatoes as well as some fruit.  Add some protein, whether it be sliced chicken, turkey,nut butters, soy products  or other meat choices.  Avoid fruit juices, far too much sugar,  (it is never to early to introduce water as the beverage of choice), as well as less grains. And limit sugary treats to a few days a week.    Grains including wheat, rice, oats , millet, etc have secondary metabolites or anti nutrients that if eaten excessively can cause a weakened or compromised immune system.  (See MicroMiracles, Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes  by Dr. Ellen Cutler for more details on grains and chronic health problems).    I recommend no more than 3 days a week with a sandwich, pasta or  pizza. Instead try quinoa, wild rice, buchwheat and corn. ) Check out my website, www.bioset.net for more exciting ideas and recipes.  Also avoid chips, cookies, packaged foods and definitely no ramen, they have loads of food additives and salt.   Nuts, if not allergic can be a good source of fatty acids and protein.  I am not in favor of bars, another blog soon to follow on bars.  And please remember to use a digestive enzyme,(there are great chewable ones) it will enhance the immune system, guarantee good digestive and absorption and keep your child healthy, happy and productive.  And choose organic when possible.  This will keep you free of nasty pesticides and herbicides that are harmful to your health. 


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