Recharge Your Energy and Vitality

Lack of energy is the third most prevalent health concern among Americans with more than 33 million citing it as their greatest challenge.  Of all the symptoms that send people to their doctors office, low energy and fatigue are probably most common.  Some feel tired when they wake up int he a.m. others experience an energy crisis in the afternoon.  Still others have chronic fatigue that persists through all the waking hours.

I feel low energy is a result of poor digestion.  Proper digestion frees those vitamins, minerals, to support the body’s many biochemical processes.  And if the body stuggles to break down foods and assimilate nutrients, eating healthfully is something of a losing battle.  Undigested food particles deplete reserves because the body musters all its resources to battle these invaders.

Food sensitivites such as caffeine alcohol, sugars and grains also contribute to devitalization

More on how to conquer energy issues are written about in my new book, MicroMiracles, Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes.

Enzymes are the secret to optimizing digestion and enhancing delivery of nutrients.  These will most definitely restore and preserve the energy and radiance.  Try it.  See also my website: for more information on enzymes and BioSET, the next modern holistic health care system that is changing the globe, and where  people can finally reclaim their health again.


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