obesity- there is a natural solution

I am a natural doctor, authorlecturere as well as a mom and and can’t help but notice that obesity is slowly becoming an epidemic As of now, 2/3 of the population in America are obese and it is predicted that by 2010, 80% will be obese and by 2040 100%. It is not only about appearance, obesity is the underlying root of many chronic health problems such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, vascular conditions and cancer. I have found based on almost 30 years of clinical work in enzymes and diet that the only answer to obesity is eating less. But how can we do that without feeling deprived? — plant digestive enzymes reduce and often eliminate cravings entirely and with the complete digestion of foods and total delivery of nutrients, you feel that satiety that is expected after eating a wholesome diet. I just published a book, MicroMiracles Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes (Rodale, Oct 2005) that speaks on this topic as well as other chronic health care issues. Enzymes restore and preserve that natural balance and radiance we all deserve. If you are reading this and are struggling with weight issues, read my book and go to my website bioset.net for more information on obesity, recipes, raw food diet etc and my modern holistic health care system, BioSET.


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